Our wines

The majority of Vignobles Lumeau wines are labelled Château des Léotins.

These Bordeaux Rosé and Entre-Deux-Mers Bordeaux Appellation wines are fruity wines, reasonably priced and easy to drink.

The Red Bordeaux is full and generous, with aromas of forest berries, cherry, blackcurrant, vanilla and occasionally of violet.

The Bordeaux Rosé produced from 100 % Cabernet Franc by direct pressing, is the festive wine par excellence. Fruity, floral, harmonious, it is produced by bleeding with a short maceration of the grapes in the vat.

The Entre-Deux-Mers Bordeaux Blanc is fat, with a fruity bouquet and exotic notes. Its Entre-Deux-Mers Appellation comes from its geographical location, situated between the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers, both very influenced by tides.

There is also a red Château des Léotins Bordeaux aged in oak barrels. More tannic, more complex, it has potential for ageing for a period of 8 years or more depending on the vintage.

Château des Trois Tours
The Château des Trois Tours wines are the top of the range Vignobles Lumeau wines.
A prestige, reminiscent of the area of the plots of vines concerned, situated in Caumont, bordering the lower vineyard of a wine estate once belonging to the D’Albret family where Jeanne d' Albret used to stay on numerous occasions with her son, the future King Henri IV.

The Red Bordeaux, slightly woody, offers notes of coffee and ripe fruit.

The Entre-Deux-Mers Bordeaux Blanc, 100 % Sauvignon, is produced from the best vines and when tasting, offers at the same time smooth and powerful aromatic bouquets.

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